One-in-two Canadians think the protests surrounding the Freedom Convoy were a threat to national security, according to a new poll.

The Angus Reid poll released on Thursday shows 51% of Canadian respondents said Convoy protests posed a threat of espionage, sabotage, foreign influence, serious violence, or an overthrow of the Canadian government.

Respondents were given these terms so as to match the terms needed by government officials to invoke the Emergencies Act. 

Angus Reid noted that last year’s Public Order Emergency Commission heard testimonies that, both, this definition was not officially met, and this definition was not needed.

Eight-in-ten who voted Liberal in the last federal election said the criteria was met, while only two-in-ten who voted Conservative shared that opinion. 

Half of all Canadians said the Act was needed to clear protesters. 

One-in-four said invoking the Emergencies Act was unnecessary, and one-in-six said the government did not need to take any action to clear protesters.

The survey, released Thursday, was conducted in the first week of December 2022.