Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland declared it is time for fiscal responsibility from the Liberal government.

Freeland made the comments at a press conference on Friday, after meeting with finance ministers to discuss Canada’s future.

“Any new spending has to be targeted,” she said. “We know that one of the most important things the federal government can do to help Canadians today is […] not to pour fuel on the fire of inflation.”

Freeland said the government is faced with high interest rates and a slowing global economy, which put constraints on the government’s ability to spend.

Despite these constraints, she said, two big areas need investment:  healthcare, and a “clean economy.”

Freeland’s comments come two days after a public opinion poll showed Canadians are concerned about the Liberal government’s priorities.

In the Abacus Data poll, seven-in-ten Canadians said the Liberal government is neglecting the rising costs of living and housing.