A free all-ages drag queen storytime featuring performers who do x-rated content will be held at the National Arts Centre (NAC). This comes after the federal theatre had to back out of a plan to provide a performance to an exclusively black audience over accusations of segregation. 

On February 8, drag performers Cyril Cinder and China Doll will be reading to children while in drag. 

“Join in on the family pride fun with Drag Storytime at The National Arts Centre! Hosted with stories by China Doll and Cyril Cinder with Children’s tunes by Monkey Rock Music, this will be a fun event for all!” the Capital Pride page explains. 

Local performer Cyril Cinder’s Instagram page features a variety of explicit and “x-rated” content, including images of male prosthetic genitalia. 

The Liberal government is also promoting a “fun-filled” drag queen story time for kids in Ottawa next Saturday as part of the capital region’s “Winterlude” festivities. 

A Heritage Canada webpage advertises the February 11 outdoor performance by local drag queens Genesis and Ruby Foxglove.

“Gather around with local drag queens Genesis and Ruby Foxglove for a fun-filled morning of stories for families. Plus be entertained by Goopee the Clown and his mesmerizing magic tricks,” writes Heritage Canada. 

One of the performers, Genesis, participated in similar drag queen storytimes last year at the Capital Pride’s summer festival. Genesis’ public social media accounts also show the performer in racy photographs, one alluding to Queen Elizabeth II’s death. 

“Did you hear? The Queen is dead! Which means the crown (and sceptre) is open for the taking,” writes Genesis on Instagram. 

The event is part of Capital Prides’ programming from Feb. 5 to Feb. 19 which will see a variety of drag-themed events including “Drag on Ice” performances.

Last week, the NAC backed out of its controversial plan to have an evening of theatre reserved exclusively for an “all-black” audience. The event prompted public and international backlash over accusations of discrimination based on race.