An Indigenous-led oil sands company has welcomed Alberta energy veteran and former Suncor Vice President Mike Macsween onto its board of directors as it prepares to become an industry leader in development and support. 

On Tuesday, the McKay Métis Group (MMG) announced Macsween’s appointment at a time of booming growth. 

“MMG’s growth has been exponential. Our objective is to be the top provider for multiple oil sands services and support. Mike’s expertise and connections in the industry will play a vital role as we implement this strategy,” said company President and CEO Crystal Young. 

Prior to the appointment. Macsweeen worked with Suncor for nearly three decades. Since beginning with the company in 1996, he held several senior posts, including as vice president of upgrading, vice president of strategy and development and more.

Macsween retired from his role at Suncor last year.

According to Macsween, he hopes to see MMG expand even further into the oilsands business. 

“MMG has been a remarkable success story.  An Indigenous business that has seen phenomenal growth and has become central to the operation of the oilsands,” said Macsween.  

“The prospects for future diversification and expansion are all about deeply connecting MMG skills and energy into the firms that manage the oilsands.  I look forward to helping to facilitate that.”

MMG is owned by the Fort McKay Métis Nation and uses its profits to help provide affordable housing, education and other services to First Nations members. 

Last year, Fort McKay was part of a landmark deal with Enbridge alongside nearly two dozen other Indigenous communities to acquire partial ownership over seven pipelines in northern Alberta. 

The $1.12 billion deal saw the First Nations community gain 11.57% interest in the Enbridge projects. 

Alberta’s energy sector has seen growth in recent month and several major companies have announced plans to expand operations. 

As reported by True North, oil and gas companies were among the top rated employers in the province.