A new documentary produced by an Ontario pastor delves into government treatment of churches and faithful during the pandemic. 

The pastors featured in the film include Albertans James Coates and Tim Stephens, who both spent time in jail after refusing to shut down their churches. Pastor Steve Richardson from Tillsonburg and Saskatoon Pastor Steve Flippin, who both face charges, are also interviewed. 

The documentary, Antichrist and his Ruin, first premiered in November 2022 and has now been released widely to the public in digital format.

Waterloo Pastor Jacob Reaume explains that the title of the film comes from a book authored by the Puritan, Non-Conformist Pastor John Bunyan who spent years in jail because he refused to regulate his church gatherings in 17th-century England. 

Reaume was the driving force behind the film, raising the funds and creating the storyboard. He then hired filmmaker Jeremy Bundy to bring the project to life.

According to Reaume, the documentary seeks to “put the lockdowns in the context of Canadian history and in the context of the Scriptures.”