In a GoFundMe post, a Canadian social worker going by the pseudonym Reena Kaur has claimed she was fired from her position for voicing unorthodox opinions about transgenderism and supporting the views of Dr. Jordan Peterson. 

The fundraiser which was set up by Kaur – who has hidden her identity over fears of retaliation – described how after 25 years in the field of social work she was labeled “transphobic” by her management and subsequently fired. 

“I was terminated from a high-paying Government position within an agency that I got due to my vast experience accumulated over 25 years working in social policy, working with the oppressed/marginalized including, women rape survivors from the Congo/Rwanda, homeless communities, new refugees and abused women and children,” Kaur explains. 

“I always received high praise for my work from peers and supervisors alike. I committed to this work for 25 years, and then one day just let go because the following personal tweets were deemed “transphobic” by management.” 

The tweets in question had to do with statements pertaining to the fact that men cannot get pregnant, children shouldn’t be taking potent puberty blockers and “extolling the virtues” of Peterson and “others who fight for freedom.” 

According to Kaur she was then replaced by a less experienced individual who towed the line on gender ideology.

“I was accused of supporting a man who disseminates transphobia and misogyny,” the fundraiser states. 

According to Kaur, any funds contributed to the drive will be used towards legal consultations and to compensate for lost wages. 

On Friday, Peterson confirmed the story’s authenticity on his personal Twitter account. 

“She is using an alias because of nonstop harassment but I know the story is true…” tweeted Peterson. 

There have been other cases in Canada of government workers being censored and reprimanded for speaking out against gender ideology. In a recent case, Vancouver registered nurse Amy Hamm is facing an ongoing disciplinary investigation for speaking out against radical gender theory.