Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) sources and documents claim to show that Liberal MP Han Dong received assistance from the Chinese consulate in Toronto during his nomination race in 2019.

Global News reporter Mackenzie Gray tweeted on Friday that the consulate was involved in transporting seniors and students to vote for him at a party meeting. It is alleged that CSIS had urged senior officials in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office to rescind Dong’s nomination due to the alleged foreign influence involved.

The outlet cited a “combo of CSIS docs and intelligence sources” to substantiate its claims. Sources have claimed that during the 2019 Liberal nomination meeting, the Chinese consulate in Toronto arranged for two buses of Chinese Canadian seniors to attend the event.

It is alleged that the seniors were told to vote for Dong to be the candidate by having his name written on their arms.

It is also alleged that Chinese international students were also equipped with fake residence addresses and sent to the nomination meeting in support of Dong under the pretense that not doing so could threaten their student visa status.

Dong told Global News that he denies the allegations, claiming instead that his nomination followed ordinary procedures.

“My nomination in 2019 was open and followed the rules,” Dong said.

The Prime Minister’s Office has also responded to the story, saying that there was “factual inaccuracies” to the report.

“As you are aware, we are unable to comment on your questions regarding secret or top secret matters. That is the law. There are so many factual inaccuracies in your questions that it is not possible to even begin to answer your questions,” wrote the PMO.

“Han Dong is a strong representative who served his community through the pandemic and consistently works to make life better for people, including calling out discrimination that is too often targeted at the Chinese Canadian community.”

Following reports that China interfered in the 2021 election, Trudeau recently claimed that the leaks to the media had “inaccuracies.”

“We are very concerned with the leaks, particularly because there are so many inaccuracies in those leaks,” said Trudeau.