Saskachetwan will see a new political party launched by the end of February. 

The Saskatchewan United Party, or Sask United for short, is a new centre-right party in the province seeking to challenge the dominance of the governing Saskatchewan Party, which is viewed as an alliance between Saskatchewan liberals and conservatives against the NDP. 

On Sask United’s website, the party claims to stand for the family unit, lowering taxes, balancing the budget, a school curriculum free from ideologies, and other traditionally conservative priorities. 

Furthermore, on Sask United’s Twitter page, they have challenged digital ID, criticized the government for failing to address criminal violence and advocated for a reduction in the role of government. 

Sask United is being led by former Saskatchewan Party MLA Nadine Wilson, who resigned from the governing party after a dispute regarding her vaccination status. 

While Sask United was registered in November 2022 with Elections Saskatchewan, the party is holding its official launch event on February 28, where they will reveal their policy agenda.

In a video posted to Twitter, MLA Wilson said that the party will be announcing their party’s constitution, along with the party’s principles and vision for the province. 

“We are going to introduce our vision for Saskatchewan, our constitution, and the principles of our party,” said Wilson. 

While Wilson has been leading the party since being registered in November 2022, she has been sitting as an independent MLA because Saskatchewan’s parliamentary rules stipulate that a party must have a minimum of two sitting MLAs to be officially recognized in the legislature. 

Saskatchewan’s politics have been dominated by the Saskatchewan Party since the 2007 election, when Premier Brad Wall formed the Sask Party’s first majority government. Since then, the Saskatchewan Party has held an overwhelming majority in the legislative assembly and has led to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan losing their entire parliamentary caucus.