Three-in-four Canadians think the average family is paying too much in taxes, according to a new report.

The Fraser Institute report released on Thursday shows 74% of Canadians think the average family is paying too much tax to federal, provincial and local governments.

“There is a large discrepancy between what the average family actually pays in total taxes versus what Canadians believe the average family should be paying,” said Fraser Institute associate fiscal director Jake Fuss.

According to the report, the average Canadian family paid 45% of its total income to governments in 2022. Eight-in-ten Canadians said that percentage should drop below 40%. Half said it should go below 26%.

Fuss said the poll speaks to the quality of government services.

“It’s clear that many Canadian families don’t believe they’re getting value from their taxes,” he said.

Four-in-ten Canadians said they were getting poor or very-poor value from government services.

Fuss found 6% of Canadians supported last year’s tax rate – a rate that exceeds 40% of the average family’s income.

The institute based its report on a commissioned Leger poll conducted between January 20 and 22.