A Calgary man who protested a drag show geared towards kids was denied bail after refusing to distance himself from future shows and drag performers.

Calgary man Derek Reimer faces criminal charges for shouting homophobic and transphobic slurs during a drag storytime-for-children show – last week, he refused bail conditions in provincial court, and the standoff continued on Monday, CBC News reported.

On Monday, Reimer’s lawyer deferred the case a week, saying Reimer still feels he cannot satisfy the bail conditions. Reimer will reportedly stay in custody until March 14, when another court hearing takes place.

The drag storytime-for-children event took place at the Seton branch of Calgary Public Library. In similar events, youth under the age of 9 are invited to watch attired drag queens read children’s stories.

The news comes after politicians spent months criticizing Canada’s bail system, saying it is far-too lenient in letting repeat, violent offenders walk.

The criticism peaked late last year when a violent offender, out on bail, is alleged to have murdered a rookie police officer. The offender was awaiting court for allegedly stabbing another man, and smashing a car windshield while children were inside.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievere in February tabled a bill to reform Canada’s bail policy.

“We know that a tiny minority of violent, repeat offenders are doing almost all of this crime,” Poilievre said. “Police tell us that often they have to arrest the same people multiple times in the very same day because they are released again and again on bail.”

Reimer remains in custody as he continues to refuse the conditions of not contacting LGBTQ2S+ community members, and not being within 200 meters of any of their events, CBC reported. Reimer’s charges originate from an event on February 25.

Drag storytime shows have sparked controversy over the past year, including a January confrontation between supporters and protesters in Coquitlam, B.C., and a November confrontation in Hamilton, Ontario.