Young Canadians are the most likely to say they’re the least satisfied with the state of Canada, according to a new national survey. 

Nanos Research found that people under the age of 35 offered the poorest score when it comes to rating their satisfaction with Canada. 

Canadians were asked to rate their satisfaction from a range of one to ten with ten being very satisfied. The mean score for the entire country was 6.6. In 2023, only 64% of Canadians said they were satisfied with Canada, while in 2021 that number was 74%. 

For young people, the mean score dropped to 5.8. 

“I think if you had said fast forward from 2015 to 2023, that young people would be the most pessimistic, that young people would be the least satisfied, you’d probably be very surprised,” said Research Char Nik Nanos.

“Young people are usually the most optimistic and positive because they’re healthy, they’re starting to get jobs and they’re at the beginning of their earnings cycle … so those numbers for (them) and their level of satisfaction is absolutely brutal.”

A recent Leger poll found that dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government among the under 35 cohort has spiked to 47%.

Today more Canadians of that age group are dissatisfied with Trudeau than the 41% who are satisfied with his performance. 

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has made dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs a central pillar in his campaign. 

“After eight years of the Prime Minister, everything feels broken. After eight years, we have half of Canadians cutting back on groceries and 20% of them skipping meals because the Prime Minister’s carbon tax, with the help of the NDP, has made food prices unaffordable,” said Poilievre last month. 

“What else is broken? It is our laws, literally broken. Our violent crime laws have been broken 32% more than when the Prime Minister took office eight years ago.”