Under the threat of losing his job for failing to comply with Covid-19 vaccine mandates and the plethora of other restrictions placed on the unvaccinated, a British Columbia pharmacist faked his vaccination records and has now paid the price in the form of a suspension.

Earlier this month, the College of Pharmacists of BC announced its 30-day suspension of Aftabahmed Shaikh after receiving a complaint.

The acknowledged statement of facts claims that in Aug. 2021, Shaikh “entered Covid-19 vaccination onto” his pharmacy’s records without actually receiving the shots.

“(He) recorded that another pharmacist was the authorizing pharmacist and injection administrator for both vaccinations. The other pharmacist was not aware of the Registrant’s actions,” the College writes.

Additionally, it is said that Shaikh purposefully obfuscated his record to make it harder to find by changing the spelling of his name and date of birth. As a result of the investigation, Shaikh is suspended from practicing until Apr. 11 and will not be able to oversee pharmacy students until 2025.

Additionally, the pharmacist will have a permanent record on his register which includes a letter of reprimand.

“The Inquiry Committee considered that the Registrant created false PharmaNet records and subsequently obtained a COVID-19 vaccine passport by false pretense. The vaccine passport could have been used to circumvent vaccination requirements both domestically and internationally during the COVID-19 pandemic,” claimed the College.

In the decision, investigators alleged that Shaikh put others at harm by falsifying his record.

“The false vaccine passport could have put the public at increased risk of harm. The Registrant’s actions were self-serving and contrary to the conduct expected of a pharmacy professional,” claimed the College.

Unvaccinated Canadians faced several layers of restrictions at the height of the pandemic. Provincially, they were prohibited from attending restaurants, sporting events and athletic facilities. At the federal level, the unvaccinated could not travel by air or domestically.