A recent opinion poll found that the federal Conservative and Liberal parties are tied should an election happen today.

A third of Canadians (33%) said they would vote Conservative, and roughly the same (31%) said they would vote Liberals – the difference of 2% was considered a tie, as it was within sampling error in Abacus Data’s newest survey.

“Despite an opinion environment that remains very challenging for the Liberals, the Conservatives have done little to consolidate the ‘change vote,’” said Abacus Data CEO David Coletto.

Coletto said the data indicates the Conservatives could benefit by focusing on a “change vote group” – 1 in 4 voters that said they want change, but aren’t too excited or motivated about it.

“Either they have to move more of these folks into the ‘definitely want change’ group or they need to find a way to appeal to people who wouldn’t mind change but need a safe alternative to gravitate to,” he explained.

The survey found that the federal Liberals receive highest support from Canadians in the Atlantic region, whereas the Conservatives poll best in Alberta.

Abacus Data polled 1,963 Canadians between March 17th and 21st. The survey carries a margin of error of 2.3%, 19 times out of 20.