Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed a plan to stop illegal migration at border crossings such as Roxham Road.

During a press conference Friday, the prime minister confirmed Canadian law enforcement will soon reject migrants at illegal crossings, including the road intersecting Quebec and New York State, which led 40,000 migrants into Canada last year.

The deal between Canada and the US becomes active Saturday.

“At midnight tonight, police and border officers will enforce the agreement and return irregular border crossers to the closest port of entry with the United States,” said Trudeau.

While the Trudeau government promised to clamp down on illegal migration moving forward, it agreed to take-in 15,000 additional migrants that apply through legal channels.

The announcement comes after a month of pressure on the Liberal party, including from Quebec Premier Francois Legault, and federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

In February, Legault publicly requested that Trudeau shut the crossing down, saying Quebec did not have resources to accept any more migrants. Poilievre, roughly a week later, called on Trudeau to shut the crossing within 30 days.

Trudeau’s announcement came 31 days later.