Former Liberal MP Han Dong said he plans to fight back against a news report that alleges he was an active participant in Chinese interference scandals.

In a public statement on Monday, Dong said he retained a lawyer to take action against Global News and its parent Corus Entertainment for the content of a news story last week, which he said was untrue.

“It is inconceivable that I would ever suggest a falsely accused individual should spend an extra minute in jail,” Dong’s statement read.

Last week, Global News reported Dong attempted to benefit the Liberal party by prolonging the imprisonment of two Canadians. 

The story cited two anonymous national security officials, and claimed Dong advised the Chinese to keep Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in custody.

Following last week’s story, Dong resigned from the Liberal caucus during a tearful address to the House of Commons.

“What has been reported is false, and I will defend myself against these absolutely untrue claims,” he said at the time.

Last week’s story was the second time this year Global News implicated Dong in the ongoing scandal of China’s alleged interference in Canadian democracy.

Dong refutes Global’s continued use of anonymous sources to implicate him, saying such sources are inadequate to support such serious claims.

“I have retained a lawyer to begin legal action to its fullest extent,” his Monday statement said.

Dong did not give specific details about the legal action he plans to take.