Coastal GasLink

RCMP executed a search warrant at two campsites in northern B.C. searching for evidence that tied the camps to a swarming attack on a Coastal GasLink worker less than a week before.

During the Wednesday search, RCMP arrested 5 individuals for obstruction of a peace officer. RCMP said four failed to cooperate with police direction and one attempted to prevent the search.

The warrant was issued to investigate a report that a GasLink worker was swarmed by people wearing camouflage on Sunday, Mar. 26. The attackers reportedly fired flare guns, stole a chainsaw, and entered a work vehicle and poured liquid over it.

“Criminal acts by persons under the guise of protesting, particularly the violence exhibited by the suspects in this instance, will not be tolerated,” an RCMP statement said.

RCMP obtained a warrant to search two camps on Morice Forest Service Road – one just 1.5 kilometres from the attack – for “olive drab coloured masks,” a chainsaw with a specific serial number, and coyote brown fatigues, according to CTV News.

CTV said RCMP declined to answer whether officers found the search warrant items.

RCMP media relations’ statement said the swarming attack was another instance of violence in an apparent pattern against pipeline workers. 

Just over one year ago, unidentified individuals attacked a separate Coastal GasLink pipeline site with axes, and are seen in a video to be firing flare guns.