Canadians likely won’t be laughing this April Fools’ after they hear that two major taxes are going up while at the same time MPs are getting a scheduled pay hike. 

MPs will be getting a taxpayer-funded pay raise ranging from $5,100 for back bench MPs and $10,200 for the prime minister.

As for Canadians, they will have to pay more in carbon taxes and one of the largest alcohol escalator tax hikes in decades. 

“The joke is on taxpayers as MPs take more money out of Canadians’ pockets the same day they take higher pay,” said Canadian Taxpayers Federation federal director Franco Terrazzano in a press release

Although MPs successfully voted in March calling on the federal government to cancel the alcohol tax on beer, wine and spirits, the government has decided to barrel ahead with the legislation anyway. 

The carbon tax will also go up 14 cents per litre for gasoline and 12 cents per cubic metre for natural gas on April Foolds.

Canadians could pay up to $710 extra in carbon taxes this year. 

“Canadians are struggling to afford gas and groceries, so the least MPs could do is cancel this cruel April Fools’ joke by stopping their pay increase and scrapping the tax hikes,” said Terrazzano.