Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) “Trans and Gender Diverse Student Support Coordinator” Sara Savoia claimed on Good Friday that Jesus Christ was a drag queen who tells stories to children. 

“Here’s a reminder that Jesus himself was a radical activist… and a drag queen” tweeted Savoia Friday, adding that he was “also not white.”

Along with the tweet, she shared a meme showing an illustration of Jesus with children – with text saying “oh look, it’s a man in a dress telling stories to children.” 

When asked about Savoia’s post, Harvest Bible Church Lead Pastor Dr. Aaron Rock told True North “the very notion that (Jesus) dressed as a woman so he could entertain children is offensive to all Christians and unbecoming a public official.” 

Rock explained that Jesus’ clothing “matched with the Jewish customs of his day for men, as evidenced in the gambling away of his clothing to Roman soldiers at the foot of the cross.”

​“He is both 100% God, ensuring he lived his life on earth with absolute holiness, and 100% man, living his life in accordance with God’s creational design for a human male.”

This is not the first time that the progressive education official, who uses “they/she” pronouns, shared controversial statements on social media. 

In an Oct. 2022 tweet on Catholicism, Savoia wrote, “if that religion cannot change its practice of teaching children that there is something wrong with them because of their sexual orientation … then we should stop that religion from having a separate education system.”

Savoia has also posted and shared posts that are supportive of the teaching of gender ideology and Critical Race Theory in classrooms – while criticizing those who oppose wokeism.

Screenshot of a previously public tweet posted by Sara Savoia.

On “International Pronouns Day”, Savoia encouraged teachers to discuss gender pronouns with their elementary school students. She noted that gender ideology can be incorporated into arts and crafts by having students make “pronoun flowers.” 

Screenshot of a previously public tweet posted by Sara Savoia.

Savoia has also claimed that professionalism is a white supremacist concept and that learning skills are ableist. She has shared tweets promoting hormone blockers and even re-tweeted an Antifa account.

Savoia’s social media conduct is just the latest controversy to come out of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB).

In March, controversy broke out after left-wing trustee Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth shut down a delegation from a father of four concerned about biological males using girls’ washrooms. 

The latter resulted in multiple petitions calling for Kaplan-Myrth’s resignation –  which were shut down by after Kaplan-Myrth and the OCDSB demanded that they be taken down.

Mobs of trans activists have also been present at recent board meetings. Videos uploaded to social media show them screaming and intimidating those with socially conservative points of views, among other things. 

True North reached out to Savoia and the OCDSB for comment, but neither responded in time for publication.