Pro Life Alberta says the Alberta government must stop funding abortions after Premier Danielle Smith announced that a re-elected UCP government would not change existing funding for medical services.

On Tuesday, Smith announced that her government would not de-list any medical services or prescriptions now covered by Alberta health insurance “without exception.”

Pro Life Alberta says Smith’s statement means about 12,000 babies will die from abortion in 2023, just as the year before, at taxpayers’ expense. 

“Enough is enough already. Abortion is not healthcare. And Albertans shouldn’t be footing the bill for an elective — and highly unregulated — ‘procedure’ that ends the life of a child in the womb,” the party says.

“The more who learn the ugly truth about abortion the more who will stand up and say ‘enough-is-enough!’” 

Smith’s healthcare spending promise counters weeks of NDP attacks saying the premier plans to privatize healthcare. One NDP advertisement claims the premier plans to start charging Albertans for visits to the family doctor — a claim the premier has refuted. 

Pro Life Alberta says the NDP will continue to attack Smith on healthcare spending. Meanwhile, her statements make an enemy of her friends in the pro-life movement, it says.

“Unless Danielle Smith comes out with some kind of policy that will advocate for Alberta’s preborn, Danielle Smith is forcing the hand of pro-life Albertans to oppose her leadership.”

“To sacrifice the preborn for political power is not worth the price.”

Pro Life Alberta is a registered political party that typically does not run candidates in provincial elections. Rather, it uses its status to draw attention to the pro-life movement. 

Canada currently has no laws restricting abortion at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy.

Earlier this year, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) released statistics confirming 87,485 induced abortions in Canada in 2021. Surgical abortions accounted for nearly two-thirds (63%) of abortions while medical abortions using oral treatments such as Mifegymiso made up 37% of abortions in Canada.


  • Rachel Emmanuel

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