The CBC wants 12-year-olds to read a book about a transgender teen who takes a job moonlighting as a drag queen at a “local club.” 

On Apr. 13, CBC Books promoted Canadian “trans masculine” author C.A. Tanaka’s book “Baby Drag Queen” as being “for ages 12 and up.” 

“Ichiro is a transgender youth in his final year of high school,” writes CBC Books. 

“A budding drag queen, he takes a second job performing drag at a local club and learns of an upcoming contest where the prize money would be enough to pay for a camper van. But nobody knows he does drag.”

In March, CBC News put out a segment titled “Queens and kids in class: An honest conversation about drag, gender and dress-up” which featured adults wearing drag discussing LGBTQ culture with schoolchildren. 

The drag queen’s public social media profiles included erotic and sexually explicit photos. 

CBC Kids also published a video in which “kids explain drag and why they do it.” 

Several Canadian cities have seen protests flare up around drag queen events advertised to children. 

Recently students at York Mills Collegiate Institute protested gender indoctrination after the school hosted a drag queen event.

CBC’s push towards radical gender ideology comes at a time when the broadcaster was labeled a “government-funded media” outlet by Twitter.