The Canadian chapter of the Women’s Rights Network (WRN) is calling out the Regina Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) for inviting controversial trans activist Fae Johnstone to give a keynote speech at a women’s awards night.

Johnstone, a biological male who now uses “she/they” pronouns, serves as a YWCA Canada board member – in addition to being the executive director of progressive organization Wisdom2Action.

The YWCA is a community organization intended to provide support for women and families through programs such as childcare and housing.

WRN wrote on Twitter, “What are you thinking (YWCA Regina)? Are you not aware that women have had enough of these males identifying as women taking our awards, spaces and opportunities?”

The WRN is also taking issue with one of the finalists for the Regina YWCA Women of Distinction awards being a biological male. Trans activist Cat Haines, who wrote a Master’s thesis about “Transmisogyny,” “Girlcock” and BDSM, has been nominated for the YWCA Igniting Equity award. 

Haines previously made headlines for launching a “trans youth” mentorship program that connects teenagers with older, “experienced” transgender adults.

Amid the backlash from the WRN and other women, the Regina YWCA locked their Twitter account.

SCREENSHOT: YWCA Regina’s locked Twitter

Meanwhile, Johnstone responded to the criticism by claiming that “Twitter transphobes are bullying a feminist organization in Saskatchewan – (YWCA Regina) – for inviting me to be the keynote speaker at their upcoming awards ceremony,” and called on those who support “trans inclusive feminism” to donate to the YWCA.  

Johnstone also shared calls to boycott a Regina small business because its female owner shared her opposition to the YWCA’s decision to platform Johnstone on Facebook.

SCREENSHOT: Johnstone retweets a post calling for the boycott of a Regina small business because its female owner objects to the YWCA’s choice of keynote speaker.

Johnstone has become notorious, for, among other things, being a staunch opponent of feminists who are critical of transgender ideology. 

Johnstone has claimed that trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) are “acting as a smokescreen for far right extremism” and has called for these feminists to be “so vilified” that “they don’t dare speak their views publicly.”

Johnstone also faced backlash after being featured in a Hershey’s International Women’s Day campaign. The latter had led to calls to boycott the company, with Hershey receiving criticism from several prominent figures including American Conservative commentator Matt Walsh, for platforming Johnstone.

Johnstone has also shared support for biological males being allowed in women’s prisons, and attempted to cancel a talk by renowned Canadian author and psychologist Jordan Peterson in Ottawa – an effort that failed. Peterson spoke to a packed arena in Ottawa, while no protestors were seen outside.

True North reached out to Johnstone and YWCA Regina for comment but neither responded in time for publication.