It’s official – and it’s scary as hell.

Justin Trudeau’s astonishing ability to mislead Canadians without blinking or hesitating is on full display this week, and if this does not give voters serious pause, possibly nothing, ever will.

On April 24th, speaking to students at the University of Ottawa, Trudeau claimed, “While not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure that all of the incentives and protections were there to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated.”

Thankfully, social media exploded almost instantly with clips of him announcing vaccines would be mandatory for federal employees and federally regulated transportation sectors. Quickly, someone posted the October 6th, 2021 press release headlined “Prime Minister announces mandatory vaccination.”

Clips of Trudeau threatening the unjabbed with “consequences” including not being able to travel by plane or train surfaced. The French interview in which he referred to the unjabbed as “racists” and “misogynists” was thrown in for good measure.

Road Warrior News received comments from Purolator employees who were fired from their jobs when they refused to get Covid shots.

“What a pathetic, delusional liar!!!” one wrote. “Sod off!” said another.

Over seven years, we’ve learned that our Prime Minister is a smooth talker, one who can speak eloquently at length while saying nothing that actually matters. That is a special skill; you have to give him credit for that. He can spin noncommittally with the best ever seen in politics. No doubt his background as a drama teacher is a blessing in Ottawa.

Irritating as it is, spin is one thing; but ignoring a demonstrably provable fact is something else altogether.

Outright misleading Canadians about something that hurt so many people, that shattered families and plunged honest workers into poverty is not just condescending and arrogant, but taunting and cruel.

Justin Trudeau is gaslighting the nation, and the nation knows it. Will Canadians actually continue to support this man as Prime Minister? Now that we know that he can, and he did, lie about the most painfully important thing that has happened on the globe since World War II?

Whatever happens next, it’s on us. Now we know.

The precise timing of Trudeau’s latest gaffe should concern taxpayers additionally, as it comes within hours of his announcement of the most gargantuan corporate subsidy ever contemplated by a Canadian government. On April 21, Trudeau announced that beleaguered Canadian taxpayer would gift $13 BILLION to Volkswagen, so that it can build a battery plant in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The glib, shallow answers Trudeau and his associates designed to provide at the VW announcement were so half-baked that I wrote a humour piece comparing Trudeau and Ford to an Abbott and Costello routine. In the vintage comedy bit, Bud Costello multiplies 13 times 7 and gets the answer “28,” no matter how many times his landlord tries to check the math. It is hilarious.

What is not hilarious is Trudeau and Ford pulling an almost identical routine on media and taxpayers (“The important number is not the $13 billion, but the 5 years in which it will be paid back,” Trudeau reiterated, magically waving a hand with 5 outstretched fingers, like a hypnotist.)

Well, actually, the $13 billion does matter to the taxpayers who still need to pay their taxes this week even though CRA staff are on strike. Simultaneously, the Main Estimates committee is trying to get answers on how the $13 billion will be spent, and how job creation will be measured.

As reported by Blacklock’s in an article headlined, “Spend it first, disclose later.”

“Taxpayers will only learn of terms of a $13 billion Volkswagen Canada subsidy once the money is spent, the Senate national finance committee was told yesterday. Managers with the Department of Industry refused to discuss the subsidy for a battery factory in St. Thomas, Ontario.”

If the job creation numbers or the payback period turn out to be lies, well, we know who we’re dealing with before we start.