The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has reached a tentative contract agreement with the federal government, ending the two-week strike that disrupted a number of public services.

On Monday, PSAC announced that it had reached an agreement for more than 120,000 Treasury Board workers. The union says these workers will return to work on Monday or their next scheduled shift after that date.

However, as Canadians await their tax returns, PSAC is continuing strike action for more than 35,000 Canada Revenue Agency workers. 

According to the union, the contract includes a 12% wage increase over four years. 

On remote work, the union says managers will have to negotiate requests individually, not by group, and will have to provide written responses to requests.

The government announced on Saturday that it had tabled “a final updated comprehensive offer that addresses all remaining PSAC demands” but stopped short on specific details.

“During a period of record-high inflation and soaring corporate profits, workers were told to accept less – but our members came together and fought for better,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC national president. 

“This agreement delivers important gains for our members that will set the bar for all workers in Canada.”

Since the strike began on April 19th, Canadians have experienced delays to many public services such as renewing a passport, filing taxes, issuing licenses, certifications and benefit requests.

Striking public workers protested in “strategic locations,” with the aim of disrupting the government and the Canadian economy. Protesters set up a picket line near the Ambassador Bridge, caused delays at Pearson Airport and set up tables and tents on city property – including the prime minister’s office.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation heavily criticized the demands made by PSAC, saying federal employees are “out of touch” and are asking too much while Canadians are struggling to make ends meet.