A photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau standing with his legs wide open while shaking the hand of a Korean official has some Canadians accusing Trudeau of embarrassing Canada while abroad once again. 

Many have attributed Trudeau’s wide stance to the height difference between the six foot prime minister and the Korean Speaker of the National Assembly, Kim Jin-pyo.

The photo originated in a Korean media outlet while Trudeau visits South Korea to shore up relations with the east Asian ally. 

“I’m guessing it’s so that he doesn’t tower over the other guy in a close up photos. But it looks dumb in every other way. There are better ways but like everything else he goes with the way it looks good from one strict point of view, but is actually bad in every other way,” wrote Twitter user Christi. 

Some have pointed out the practice of “Korean manner legs,” a stance often used by taller Korean pop or drama stars when taking photos with fans or posing for interviews. 

“In Korea, it isn’t unusual for drama and music stars to tower at six feet and over. ‘Korean Manner Legs’ have thus been developed in order to assist these acting and musical (and literal) giants when interacting with other people,” writes the cultural outlet Pop!. 

Others on Twitter called the move embarrassing and insulting. 

“He’s experimenting with new ways to make us look like a joke of a country,” tweeted Amy Eileen Hamm. 

Twitter user Melissa Mbarki commented that she’s never had anybody taller than her hunch over to match height. 

“I’ve never had anyone hunch over so we could be the same height,” said Mbarki. 

Photos of other political leaders with Korean officials do not depict them doing the same stance. A shot of Prime Minister Stephen Harper shaking former president Park Guen-hye’s hand at Parliament Hill shows the former prime minister standing normally