A former broadcasting director with Global News claimed that the media organization provided biased coverage during the Covid-19 pandemic and instead of doing journalism, “shoved propaganda” into the faces of Canadians. 

Former director Anita Krishna told the National Citizen Inquiry that the broadcaster’s coverage of pandemic-related issues was “slanted.” 

“I was a director of newscast when Covid-19 happened. The vaccine was like a religion. All we did was constantly run stories of: ‘Look at this person in the hospital who made a bad choice and didn’t get the vaccine,’” explained Krishna. 

“All our stories were slanted to that. Everything we were saying was pandemic of the unvaccinated. If you’re unvaccinated you’ll be holding everybody back and that we now know isn’t true.” 

According to Krishna, her superiors at the network shut down any concerns she had about the outlet’s biased coverage. 

“We never stood up for the people, we, as far as I’m concerned, just shoved propaganda in your face,” said Krishna. 

Krishna was eventually suspended by the company for allegedly violating journalistic principles after she spoke out about her concerns surrounding the pandemic and lockdowns. 

Last week, former CBC Manitoba reporter Marianne Klowak gave a similar testimony, accusing the public broadcaster of “pushing propaganda.” 

“I know that as a public broadcaster, you’d expect us to be telling you the truth, and we stopped doing that,” said Klowak.

“And it was a number of stories that I have put forward that were blocked, but it seemed to me as a journalist who’d been there 34 years, it’s like the rules had changed overnight. And it changed so quickly that it left me just dizzy.”