Starting with puberty blockers at 13 and undergoing a double mastectomy at 15, Chloe Cole was pushed towards receiving life-altering transgender surgeries after experiencing symptoms of gender dysphoria. Chloe detransitioned at 16.

Chloe is now an advocate against the medical community that is pushing these surgeries on unknowing children and teenagers, recognizing the long-term impacts it may have on their lives. She is also suing Kaiser Hospitals “for pushing her into medical mutilation instead of properly treating her.”

Chloe joins Rupa on the show to share her story and give an in-depth account of her harrowing experience transitioning and her attempts to detransition.

Chloe also tells us how the effects of social media and the influence of her peers that led her down the dark path of believing she was born in the wrong body and looking for ways to alleviate the anxieties surrounding her identity.

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