Renowned author and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson delved into the controversial firing of Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and other pressing topics in a recent interview published by the Hungarian Conservative this week. 

According to Peterson, Fox News has ensured its own demise by letting its most popular host.

“Fox News killed itself by firing Tucker Carlson. So all these legacy news media and its apparatus is degenerating and as they degenerate, they turn to clickbait and lie,” said Peterson. 

Peterson’s verbal barbs were not only levelled at the conservative media behemoth, but he also turned his sights on the legacy media in general, predicting the downfall of CNN and MSNBC.  

“The CNN came out yesterday calling Tucker Carlson a right wing extremist. Jesus Christ! Whatever Tucker Carlson is he is not a right wing extremist! He is barely a Republican! His political views on many issues are left-wing! It is so preposterous,” explained Peterson. 

“It is partly the consequence of the technologically induced demise of the legacy media. CNN is not going to make it, they will not be here in five years, neither will MSNBC.” 

According to Peterson, the legacy media in the west needs a good villain and that includes Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán – whose government Peterson admires for its family policies. 

“I guess you need a Trump in Europe and it might as well be Orbán. They tried it hard with Italy’s new president, too, but she is so popular in Europe that it is been hard to make that story stick. But Orbán makes a pretty good villain, so it is a good villainy name. It is enough for the dim-witted leftists who run most newspapers,” said Peterson. 

“My impression of your family policy is that if people understood it internationally, it would be very popular with most people.”

Hungary has introduced a series of pro-family measures including income tax exemptions for young mothers, enshrining the status of mothers and fathers in the constitution and spending 5.5% of its GDP on family support programs. 

Data points to these policies reverse some of Hungary’s trends when it comes to its fertility rate and population growth. In 2021, the country’s fertility rate saw a 30% increase and a doubling of the number of marriages when compared to a decade ago. 

Peterson also delved into his own plights in Canada, which include an investigation by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

“In Canada for example the crediting boards among psychologists are doing what they can to make it impossible for university programmes that don’t teach social justice agenda to produce clinical psychologists,” said Peterson. 

“You can’t teach social justice agenda and become clinical psychologists, because psychology is not, in its essence, a political endeavour. It is an individual to individual endeavour. As soon as it becomes political, it just dies. We have seen that happen everywhere.”