A lone Pickering, Ontario city councillor is under fire for taking a stand against gender ideology by wanting to restrict drag queen entertainment to those over the age of 19. 

Councillor Lisa Robinson has sparked the ire of the LGBTQ community and her fellow city council after she voted against a motion in support of pride events throughout Pickering and the Durham Region.

“I support (LGBTQ) citizens, but what I don’t support at this time is not being inclusive of all people,” said Robinson at Monday’s meeting. 

“Elected officials are supposed to be neutral. We should not be putting one group ahead of the other because that shows a hierarchy and it is not fair to the other residents.”

Robinson wants to limit flags at government buildings only to official municipal, provincial or national flags.  

“When we put somebody’s flag up there in the sky, it creates a hierarchy,” said Robinson. 

“No other flag should be flown at a government office other than government flags. That means the provincial, that means the municipality and that means the federal. That’s what should be flown here at all government offices, to show neutrality.”

A video posted to social media shows Robinson telling a crowd of angry parents outside of a Durham Region District School Board meeting that she hopes to introduce a motion to City Council which would place an age limit to drag queen events. 

“To me, a drag show or a pride event is an adult live performance,” Robinson told Durham Radio News. 

“These drag performers, they get paid to perform and the only ones that can go and see them in any other place would be at a bar or some kind of an event like that, and you have to be over the age of 19.”

“If they want to drop it down to the age of 15, I’m sure a lot of parents would find that that would also be an acceptable age,” she continued. 

According to Robinson, she has heard concerns from constituents surrounding the controversial events which have prompted her to take action.

Drag queen events for children have become a common occurrence in Ontario.

Nearly half a dozen libraries have partnered with the Durham Children’s Aid Society to put on drag queen performances for kids, including Oshawa Public Libraries, Whitby Public Library, Pickering Public library, Brock Libraries and elsewhere.