Two Liberal ministers faced a wave of backlash over the weekend prompted by a series of woke tweets meant to celebrate drag queens and raise awareness about “Menstrual Hygiene Day.”

Minister of Defence Anita Anand posted photos of herself with several drag queens, calling drag entertainment “one of Canada’s fundamental freedoms.” 

“Expressing yourself through drag is one of Canada’s fundamental freedoms. It’s crucial that we show up to support the 2SLGBTQI+ community in all its diversity. I enjoyed seeing Devine Darling & Vitality Black at Community Resto. Looking forward to a fantastic #Pride2023,” tweeted Anand. 

Anand’s tweet quickly unleashed a wave of criticism, with some Canadians questioning the purpose of her tweet as a defence minister. 

“Worry about your assigned portfolio instead of secular woke ideology,” replied Mark Bohaichu

Other users like Tim Arsenault pointed to the fact that nobody has had any issues with adult drag entertainment in Canada but there have been protests opposed to such shows being put on for children. 

“Who said it wasn’t? Involving children is a different matter though. And that’s the only part anyone has a problem with,” he tweeted.

Some also commented that the gesture was embarrassing for a government official. 

“This is the most embarrassing government Canada has ever had. And that says a lot!” said Twitter user Christina Kunneke.

Anand’s tweet has since garnered 2,257 replies and only 887 likes. 

On Sunday, Minister of Women and Gender Equality Marci Ien tweeted about wearing a “menstruation bracelet” on world Menstrual Hygiene Day. 

On (Menstrual Hygiene) day I’m wearing my menstruation bracelet with pride. Together, let’s break the stigma and create a society where menstruation is no longer taboo,” tweeted Ien. 

To date, the tweet only received 221 likes and has been commented on 1,391 times. 

Twitter user CdnFreedomGirl questioned Ien’s assertion that menstruation has been a “taboo” in Canada. 

“What universe do you live in? Menstruation isn’t taboo in my lifetime. It’s just a fact of life. Women have periods,” she tweeted. 

“What in the world? Why does the Liberal party see stigma everywhere? There is no huge stigma problem around menstruation, so please stop telling girls like my daughter that there is. It seems the demand for stigma far outweighs supply,” replied Siobhan Alexander.