Members of Ottawa’s Muslim community joined a diverse group of people protesting gender ideology in schools alongside parental rights advocate Chris Elston (Billboard Chris) and student activist Josh Alexander on Friday.

The protest’s diverse attendance challenged narratives from left-wing trans activists, who had claimed that those supporting Alexander and Elston would be “christo-fascists,” “nazis” and “white supremacists” 

Speaking to True North’s Rupa Subramanya, one young Muslim woman noted, “our kids are learning stuff they’re not supposed to be learning at this age. I have a brother that is in kindergarten and learning about this stuff, this is just not appropriate.”

The mother of the young woman, who was also in attendance, added “I don’t want to send (my kids) to the school anymore.” 

Another Muslim protester told The Counter Signal, “We want to keep our kids from the bad things they want to teach them,” adding “leave our kids alone.”

Some kids were also seen stomping on progress pride flags.

Alexander and Elston had announced their intentions to protest gender ideology on Ottawa’s Broadview avenue back in April, demanding “education over indoctrination” in publicly funded schools. 

“Our goal is to bring awareness to the issue of gender ideology in the schools. Both myself and Chris believe conversations are incredibly powerful and important. We hope this event will spark successful dialogue,” Alexander told True North ahead of the protest.

Not long after the rally was announced, trans activists began discussing a counter-demonstration. They had hoped to disruptively counter-protest in order to “drown out” what they considered to be “hate.”

Trans activists who gathered to counterprotest held signs that read among other things, “we are all born naked, the rest is drag.” 

Counter protesting with trans activists were members of Antifa, as well as Ottawa-Centre NDP MPP Joel Harden, Left-wing Ottawa city councillor Ariel Troster and notorious woke OCDSB trustee Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth – who was wearing an N95 mask outside.

Aggressive behaviour was displayed by the trans activist counter protesters. Antifa swarmed True North’s Harrison Faulkner while covering the event. Another counter protester snatched the hat from a member of Save Canada – the socially conservative group started by Alexander. A violent altercation was also caught on camera.

In a news release, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) said they arrested five people as of 4pm. On Twitter, Left-wing activists complained about trans activists being arrested, questioning the OPS’s neutrality. 

Last time Elston was in Ottawa to protest gender ideology, he was outnumbered and swarmed by numerous trans activists. However, this time he was accompanied by a large, multicultural, multiethnic, multifaith and multigenerational crowd.

Toronto-based lawyer Caryma Sa’d, who often covers culture-war protests, noted, “I have been to many, many contentious political rallies over the past few years. This was my first time seeing nearly equal numbers of participants on either side of the ideological divide.”

Amid the large presence of anti-indoctrination protesters, trans activists issued calls for backup. 

When asked by True North about his thoughts on how the protest went, Alexander said, “Today was encouraging. Canadians from all over the place stood with one common goal.”

“It’s not very often you see Muslims and Christians standing together. We will end this perverted agenda in the education system. Today we won, and we’re going to keep on winning.”

Friday’s events in Ottawa marked just the latest case of minority communities coming out to oppose woke progressive sexual education.

Other recent examples include a muslim-led parent group protesting against a new mandated LGBTQ curriculum in Maryland, and Armenian and Hispanic parents protesting against a California school district’s queer agenda. 

Meanwhile, in Edmonton, a woke teacher berated Muslim students in a bigoted tirade for not supporting LGBTQ pride, suggesting that they do not belong in Canada. The latter was condemned by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and the school board said it was taking action against the teacher.

Police say the street on which the protest took place has since reopened to traffic.