A BC Conservative government would protect women’s only spaces from biological men, the party announced this week.

Ahead of a pair of weekend by-elections in British Columbia, BC Conservative candidate Karin Litzcke took aim at the NDP and Green Party for trying to “shame and silence women.”

“Joan Phillip and Wendy Hayko think that it is ‘transphobic’ to accept the biological differences between men and women; they are wrong to shame and silence women who as for safe, fair, protected spaces,” said Litzcke. 

“The impacts of the NDP, Green Party, and BCU/Liberal woke ideology galls on women and girls in spaces that the public does not see. In changing rooms and bathrooms. In women’s shelters and in dormitories. In summer camps and in prisons.” 

The BC Conservatives are running candidates in both Langford–Juan de Fuca and Vancouver–Mount Pleasant, where Litzcke is the Conservative candidate. 

Protests against the presence of gender ideology in schools have been happening every week along the highway in North Vancouver. 

The protests have prompted a response from BC Premier David Eby who accused the demonstrators of holding “hateful” banners.

Signage included claims that “no child is ever born in the wrong body” and that “gender ideology is child sex grooming.” 

“The content of the protest, obviously, it’s quite hateful. It’s really, in my opinion, seeking to divide British Columbia and to foment division and hatred in our province,” said Eby. 

“I find it reprehensible and while I recognize the free speech rights of people to be out and to demonstrate, the content of the demonstration I find quite awful and I wish those people would certainly go home.”

Opponents of the protest have called on the police to enforce a court injunction to prevent the demonstrators from returning to the highway. 

“The Conservative Party of British Columbia is the only party in BC which believes that women’s spaces must be protected and that parents and families must have the ability to make choices around education, social values, and health decisions for their children,” said Litzcke.