True North’s founder and editor-in-chief Candice Malcolm personally endorsed Anthony Furey for Toronto’s mayoralty after the Toronto Sun’s editorial board endorsed Mark Saunders.

Furey – who is currently on leave as True North’s VP of editorial and content – was formerly the Toronto Sun’s national comment editor, working for Postmedia for 12 years. Despite this, The Sun’s editorial board endorsed Saunders, who they claim can keep citizens safe and prevent property taxes from skyrocketing.

Malcolm called the Sun’s endorsement of Saunders “shameful,” slamming the paper for failing to support their colleague of over a decade.

“This is shameful. The Sun cannot even muster the courage to endorse their own man, Anthony Furey,” said Malcolm.

“Furey edited the paper and worked for the company for over a decade and this is how they repay him? Sad. Pathetic. Wrong.”

Malcolm went on to wholeheartedly personally endorse Furey’s campaign, commending him for speaking the truth and crafting a high-quality platform.

“Anthony Furey is the best candidate – best ideas, most energy, most passion & a true outsider who will shake up the establishment. He’s the sole candidate who addresses the issues the Toronto Sun covers & purports to care about. I’m stunned they didn’t endorse him.”

“Not once since I started True North in 2016 have I made a political endorsement. But after the Sun fiasco, I’ve changed my mind. This time, it’s different. I (personally) fully and unreservedly endorse Anthony Furey for mayor of Toronto. He’s the mayor Toronto needs.”

Furey has campaigned on a platform of scrapping Toronto’s bike lanes, ending the city’s drug supply program, hiring 500 more police officers and instituting a hiring freeze on bureaucrats. 

The Toronto Sun encouraged Saunders to incorporate many of Furey’s ideas into his platform if elected mayor, lauding Furey for his ideas to tackle the city’s homelessness crisis and deal with homeless encampments.