From assaults on historical figures such as John A. Macdonald to cancel culture and charges that Canada is a genocidal nation-state, the country that every generation and every immigrant built is now facing routine and corrosive attacks. How did this happen?

The 1867 Project is a book featuring twenty critical thinkers who argue that we are awash in relentless grievance narratives and utopians who expect Canada’s history to be perfect. They also argue that the rise of critical race theory, identity politics, and ideological politics in the education system also plays a part.

To launch The 1867 Project and to discuss the current state of Canada, True North’s Candice Malcolm will host a live show with some of the authors, including Jamil Jivani, Matthew Lau and the book’s editor Mark Milke.

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The live show will take place on Friday June 30th at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT.