A man in his 30s was stabbed Thursday afternoon in a Toronto subway car and his assailant, who’s still at large, is wanted for attempted murder.

A video of the violent episode shows an altercation in the subway car between two men arguing that quickly escalates into a flurry of punches and kick, before one of the combatants turns away and runs with blood seeping through his white shirt.

The other man, wearing a grey hooded sweater, gives chase as passengers, who include the cameraman, flee frantically.

The video depicts a trail of blood on the subway car floor as a woman can be heard yelling, “He’s stabbing him! He’s killing him!” 

Shortly after, the train stops at Eglinton Station and the assailant, wearing a backpack and carrying another in his right hand, disembarks and walks away calmly.

Toronto police said the victim, who was transported to a trauma centre with life-threatening injuries, is now in stable condition.

The police describe the suspect as 25 to 30 years old, 5’10” with a thin build, shaved head and no facial hair. He was wearing a grey sweater, which said “GAP” on the front, black pants, black shoes and was carrying a green backpack.”

The stabbing is the latest in a long line of violent attacks on the TTC over the past couple of years. 

Toronto’s mayor-elect Olivia Chow was asked by reporters how she could prevent incidents like this from happening again, but she appeared caught off guard. 

“For example, they have private security guards, they have looking at ways to have people support like, they talked about, social workers in TTC to support people that hav different issues,” Chow responded.

“I have not gone into details precisely how we could increase the safety in TTC, so it’s a bit too early to answer that question.”