The Liberal government has pledged over $20,000 in taxpayer funding to a project devoted to raising awareness about “chemsex” –  the practice within the LGBTQ+ community of using hard drugs like meth and cocaine to increase sexual activity. 

A total of $21,031 in funding was provided to SafeLink Alberta Society by Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP) on top of $108,159 already dished out to fund the “Chemsex Awareness Project.” 

“$21,031 added to the $108,159 already provided by (SUAP) to advance policies and practices to help service providers, including health, social service and harm reduction professionals, to collaborate effectively to provide tools to reduce harms related to substance use and mental health issues within the gay/bisexual community,” wrote Health Canada. 

According to the charity Change Grow Live, “chemsex” refers to “sexual activity, mostly between men, while under the influence of drugs.”

“People take part in chemsex for different reasons. Some people take part in chemsex to feel less inhibited and to enhance pleasure,” writes the organization. 

Typically the drugs involved during “chemsex” are methamphetamine, ecstasy or mephedrone. 

“Chemsex can have a negative impact on your physical health, including your heart and brain. It can also contribute to anxiety and depression,” claims the charity. 

“Sometimes people inject crystal meth and mephedrone. With injection there is an increased risk of infections and blood borne viruses like HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.”

This isn’t the first time taxpayers have funded federal sexual initiatives.

The federal government was forced to cancel a foreign aid program that used taxpayer funding for senior sex shows abroad and sex toy exhibits. 

Also earlier this year, a report prepared for Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam identified “climate change” and “capitalism” ad one of the key guiding messages to inform Canada’s response to public health. 

“(Canada must address) systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change overlap; white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism and racism…”