Fox News host Laura Ingraham took a jab at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for lecturing Muslim parents that an “American right-wing” influence was to blame for their opposition to gender ideology.

Parents across Canada have taken to the streets in recent months to protest overtly sexual materials and LGBTQ content being pushed in schools.

Ingraham criticized the prime minister for claiming that Muslims were “brainwashed” and also for his government’s various scandals. 

“We’re not about to take moralistic lectures from people who allow China to directly influence their elections or to push more people to kill themselves or turn truckers into public enemies,” said Ingraham. 

“Trudeau is a rather silly, fatuous man who touts multiculturalism but really wants a dictatorship of ideas. Anyone who challenges his sacred cows may be cancelled, punished or even in some cases, jailed.” 

A video clip circulating on social media shows Trudeau lecturing a concerned member of the Calgary Muslim community and claiming that he was the victim of “misinformation and disinformation” about gender ideology. 

“People on social media, particularly fuelled by the American right wing, are spreading a lot of untruths about what’s actually in the provincial curriculum,” said the prime minister. 

“These are people in the far right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights and the Muslim community, but they’re weaponizing the issue of LGBT, which is something that, yes, Islam has strong opinions on, the same way that the religious right in Canada, the Christian right, has strong opinions against as well.”

Trudeau’s comments have prompted criticism from many, including Twitter CEO Elon Musk.