Following the viral and international media coverage of a patronizing lecture from our Prime Minister in response to questions from a Muslim Canadian in Alberta, yet another leaked classroom audio has surfaced of a grade six teacher in a public school in Windsor lecturing her Muslim students about their absence from Pride activities at school. 

The teacher guilts and shames her Muslim students in front of the class and attempts to use social proof and pressure to get kids to question their religious beliefs.  Even at 11 and 12 years old, however, the kids have the wherewithal and the language to resist her bullying and draw a clear distinction between tolerance – which to Muslims means peaceful coexistence – and forced participation in rituals and ceremonies that celebrate sexualized cultures and belief systems that are contrary to their own. 

The sloganeering of the TQ+ Rainbow activism and the classroom abuse of students by teachers identifying as social justice activists does not give us the vocabulary to understand the structure of the ideological divide we are currently straddling.  The divide is between those of us who still respect democracy and the rights of fellow citizens to form and hold their own moral frameworks, and those who have been possessed by the idea that fellow citizens, even unto young children, must be compelled into moral participation and compliance with the official state cosmology that defends as an absolute matter of reality and law, that gendered souls sometimes get delivered to the wrong body. 

The state doctrine, pushed by state actors in the state education system, tells young children, often in ways that undermine the “outdated” beliefs of their parents and the religions they were born into, that kids get to choose their sex; that sex is a spectrum; and even that biology is bigotry.   

Today, the stooges enforcing the belief in gender identity, an epistemological framework not even four decades old, are the establishment.  They are the universities, the public education system, the federal government, and most of the legacy media in Canada, which have all institutionalized contempt for traditional people.  Those stooges have been using weaponized claims of provincial and federal Human Rights violations against individual parents and easily assailable groups, like devout Christians in Canada, for years. 

But in the moment, Muslim Canadians, a cohesive group that for many reasons checks the intersectional boxes of oppression so revered by the progressive left, have become apostates to the gender religion and have the social justice activists, including our platitudinous Prime Minister, stymied. 

In May this year, a few days before the launch of Pride Month, hundreds of Muslim leaders, scholars, teachers, and preachers in North America signed a statement of principles called: “Navigating Differences: Clarifying Sexual and Gender Ethics in Islam,” in which they share their religious beliefs around discussions of sex, sexuality, and identity in schools and affirm the Muslim position toward these matters.  

It is impermissible for Muslims to take pride in identifying with labels that categorize them by their sins. It is important to note that the stance of Islam on illicit sexual relations goes hand in hand with its protection and promotion of the individual’s right to privacy. Islam prohibits prying into others’ private lives and discourages public disclosure of sexual behavior.

A Muslim dad I spoke with last year, who has since moved his children back to Egypt, who was instrumental in keeping almost 70% of kids home from an K-8 school in Ottawa in June of 2022, and who accumulated almost 8,000 signatures on a Change.Org petition before it was shut down for being “transphobic,” told me that Muslims do not push Islam on others, nor judge behaviour in these areas. They simply desire to practice their own religion without the beliefs of others in these matters forced upon them and their children. 

The Day of Absence he helped organize at Vimy Ridge Public School went unreported in the press, but not unreported in the Muslim communities in Canada and the US. 

The patronizing tone of our Prime Minister earlier this month presumed that Canadian Muslims are incapable of forming their own perceptions of reality when it comes to the bullying overreach of gender zealots in the public education system.  In their extremism, public educators are unquestionably teaching the basics of Queer Theory and transgenderism to children the moment they introduce the concept of gendered pronouns, which presupposes the controversial idea that children can choose their sex.  

We know from the Fact Patterns established in Ontario Human Rights Tribunal hearings in 2022, that schools and boards defend this practice in classes of six-year-olds, which bypasses the Sex-Ed curriculum.  Up to now, these ideologues have successfully bullied the concerns of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and secular parents from across Canada into silence with name-calling, threats, and intimidation.

The pushback will only grow. The tactics of ignoring, gaslighting and even intimidating parents of all backgrounds about their concerns for their kids in schools are obviously failing and this issue and will likely be part of the national conversation in the next federal election.

The public rebellion against radical trans doctrines has finally reached Canada without the help of the “American Far Right.”

When it comes to gender ideology, we came to these concerns in good faith, all on our own, for the sake of getting gender-woke educators to leave our kids alone.