An Ottawa man plans to organize a “Million Person March” to protest gender ideology and Pride month in schools, according to The Post Millennial

Organizer Kamel El-Cheikh, a Muslim activist and businessman, is hoping to bring people of all faiths together from across the country on Sept. 20. 

El-Cheikh has organized numerous protests in Ottawa over the last several months, bringing together various Muslim and Christian groups that oppose gender ideology and sex education in schools.

“I am optimistic – absolutely. You know, if [there’s] one thing that’s going to inspire Canadians from coast to coast to go down and protest it’s the kids and their innocence and it’s families,” said El-Cheikh.

He claims that some of the school pamphlets even directly target Muslim children such as one pamphlet that asks, “Can I still be Muslim if I am queer?” The pamphlet goes on to say that Islam and homosexuality are not in conflict with one another, which El-Cheik called “blasphemy.”

El-Cheikh went on to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his pressure on Muslim communities to accept his radical LGBTQ beliefs. El-Cheikh believes such ideology is akin to a “fatwa,” or a sin to the faith.

“The kids called them out on it and they told them, ‘Excuse me sir,  you’re a liar.’ These are 14- year-old kids and they walked out of class anyway,” said El-Cheikh, referring to some children’s response to content presented in the classroom.

On June 13, El-Cheikh spoke at a protest urging both Muslims, Christians and others to come together to denounce the ideology in schools and protect children from the state. 

“You know Canada’s built of Christians and Muslims and all denominations, why not celebrate that?” he said. 

“We can coexist and I think that’s what absolutely these protests are illustrating is that Christians and Muslims and most Jews and of course a lot of common sense Canadians have a lot in common. That’s it’s not what Justin Trudeau is preaching.” said El-Cheikh. 

“I’’ve talked to people in the so-called LGBT community who just say lay off, stop defining us absolutely you know let the state get out of this because stop telling me I have to vote Liberal.”

El-Cheikh says he is confused as to why both the Trudeau government and the school system seem to be so hellbent on teaching sexuality to children instead of prioritizing real education. 

“Remember sex is between two consenting adults that’s a universal law right so how can kids consent to sexual indoctrination, sexual exploitation, sexual mutilation and all that kind of stuff? You know kids right now don’t know how to eat their lunch on time let alone go to sleep on time let alone all the other things that they need to figure out why aren’t we teaching math and sciences in the school?” he said.

El-Cheikh is assured the Muslim communities will be outspoken, that they are “not going to be silent about it and we’re going to be relentless … and that’s why we’re protesting September 20.”  

He also criticized Justin Trudeau’s comment that parental rights were in some way tied to the ‘far right.” 

“Apparently we don’t have the intellect or the doctrines or the Divine wisdom through our five daily prayers and our 30 days of fasting [during] Ramadan to know what is right from wrong.” said El-Cheikh.

Recently a poll revealed that Trudeau is losing favour amongst immigrant communities for his hardline anti-parent stance, leading to a growing opposition to the current government. 

“We must recognize that there is a new movement from coast to coast that is fed up, that just wants Canada first, wants inflation to go down … wants mortgage rates to go down, wants Alberta to to thrive … wants Quebec to be a part of it and Alberta and everybody else and that’s the Canada that we want to see.” said El-Cheikh. 

Twitter suspended El-Cheikh’s account on Friday following complaints that he had violated the company’s “hateful conduct rule.”