NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is under fire on social media after a government asset review showed that his wife owns a rental property in Burnaby, British Columbia, that is earning income.

This comes as Singh blasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre for favouring “rich investors” in the housing market. 

“None of this is an accident. Conservatives and Liberals have let rich investors use housing as a get-rich quick scheme. Now their greed is so out of control that a 200 sqft ‘apartment’ is going for $2000/month,” tweeted Singh. 

Housing news outlet Better Dwelling called out Singh on X (formerly known as Twitter) over the rental property. 

“Dang ole’ rich Conservative & Liberal real estate investors. On an unrelated note, congrats to your spouse on the new rental property,” tweeted the outlet.

According to disclosures dated June 23, 2023, under the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons, Singh’s spouse has “sole ownership of a rental property located in Burnaby, British Columbia with Singh as the “guarantor for spouse’s mortgage with RBC.” 

Additionally, his spouse’s sole source of income over the next 12 months is listed as “rental income.”

Singh, who represents the riding of Burnaby South, first moved to the area with his wife Gurkiran Kaur Singh in 2018. 

True North reached out to Singh’s office to ask how much his wife was charging for rent and how many people lived on the property but did not receive a response by the deadline given. 

As reported by True North’s Lindsay Shepherd, a total of 41% of Trudeau’s recently appointed cabinet were landlords or real estate investors – up from 31% during the last cabinet.