Toronto Metropolitan University

Major Ontario universities are offering racially segregated orientation activities for black freshmen students as part of their “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) agendas, True North has learned.

Post-secondary institutions offering segregated orientation include the University of Toronto (U of T), Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), McMaster University and York University.

University of Toronto:

Canada’s largest university offers a “Black excellence” orientation for “Black-identified students” featuring several dedicated activities.

Activities include a game night on Sept. 3, a BIPOC resource fair and black alumni panel on Sept. 4, a black alumni meet & greet as well as outdoor games on Sept. 5, a black hair expo on Sept. 6, and a formal event on Sept. 8.

U of T will also host a dedicated welcome ceremony for black business students on Sept. 7 and one for black kinesiology students on Sept.11. There is also a “Black Queer and Trans Social” planned for Sept. 21.

The university says its “Black excellence” orientation activities are “designed to welcome Black-identified students to our beautiful campus, introduce Black-specific tools, tips, and resources to support the transition to university life, as well as spotlight upper-year students, alumni, staff, and faculty.”

U of T also offers a “Queer orientation” for “new and returning 2SLGBTQ+ students, staff, faculty, librarians.”

Toronto Metropolitan University:

Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) is offering segregated orientation activities as part of its Black Student Experience program. 

Activities include a seed planting workshop and a BIPOC student mixer on Aug. 29, a bead making activity on Aug. 30 and a black financing workshop on Aug. 31.

TMU’s website notes that the events are for “Black-identified students.”

TMU Executive director of student affairs Jen Gonzales says the university’s primary goal is “to have our Black students know that there’s space for them to succeed and there are lots of resources for them to engage with.”

“We’re responding to what Black students have been telling us about their specific needs and experiences at the university, and we want to create spaces for them to meet and connect with other Black-identified students.”

McMaster University:

Hamilton’s McMaster University’s Black Student Success Centre is hosting several segregated orientation activities for black students as part of its Welcome Week. 

Activities include a meet and mingle, black faculty meet and greet and games night on Aug. 28, a academic workshop and movie night on Aug. 29, a yoga and dance event, arts and craft activity, wellness presentation and a comedy evening on Aug. 30, a cookout and basketball game on Aug. 31 and a black student brunch on Sept. 1.

McMaster will also be hosting a special welcome ceremony on Sept 8, with the university’s website stating that “this is an event for Black-identifying folks.”

McMaster says its Black Student Success Centre is “dedicated to supporting and championing the holistic success and overall well-being of Black/African descent students and fostering a positive Black student and athlete experience.”

York University:

York University hosts an “Introduction to Black Excellence” orientation session for black students, as well as “Black student-focused welcome activities.”

York says its dedicated black orientation session “is designed to provide incoming first year students with an overview of the overall functions of the BE YU Program,” and will  “highlight the members of the team, the opportunities the programs provide, and how it helps students maximize their success in their post-secondary careers.”

A York spokesperson told True North the university offers “a range of programs, so incoming students can find ways to feel a sense of community and belonging.”

“These efforts include activities specifically designed for historically marginalized and often disenfranchised communities, who have been under-represented at universities, including Indigenous, Black and other racialized peoples, 2SLGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, and those who are the first in their families to access postsecondary education.”

Racial segregation: a new woke trend

Other post secondary institutions offering racially segregated orientation ceremonies include Humber College and the University of British Columbia.

Racially segregated spaces have become a key part of academia’s woke DEI agenda, as revealed​​ by True North’s Campus Watch reporting. 

Last spring, True North exclusively reported on the fact that racially segregated graduation ceremonies for black students were taking place at a number of Canadian universities.

University DEI departments have also been organizing “blacks only” events on campuses, while some universities have opened segregated black student lounges.

The University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University and McMaster University did not respond to True North’s request for comment in time for publication.