Conservative Party of Canada convention delegates voted in favour of two resolutions taking aim at gender ideology.

The first, resolution C-7, sought party support for a ban on life altering and irreversible gender transitions for children and teenagers, while encouraging “positive mental and physical health support for all Canadians suffering from gender dysphoria and related mental health challenges.”

“We need to stand up for kids,” an Alberta delegate speaking in favour of the motion said.

The resolution passed with 69% of delegates voting in favour, while 31% voted against. 

The second resolution, C-15, added to the party’s policy declaration the assertion that “women are entitled to the safety, dignity, and privacy of single-sex spaces (e.g., prisons, shelters, locker rooms, washrooms) and the benefits of women-only categories (e.g., sports, awards, grants, scholarships).”

The resolution also enshrines in party policy the definition of a women as “(a) female person.”

C-15 passed with 87% support and just 13% opposed.

Members rose to their feet and loudly cheered at the passage of both motions.

The latter resolution was introduced by former Athletics Alberta president Linda Blade.

“Women in Canada need our help,” Blade said. “Please let the (Conservative party) be the one that stands for women and girls.”

“Vote yes to protect your daughters, wives, and nieces,” said a 15-year old delegate who spoke about the importance of female-only spaces for women and girls to be and feel safe.

The resolutions come amid a rise in transgenderism among children and promotion of gender ideology in schools. A recent study from the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute estimates that the number of transgender youth in the United States has doubled in the last five years – as gender ideology is increasingly being pushed onto children by school teachers and social media influencers.

The recent push to “affirm” children’s gender dysphoria with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and gender reassignment surgeries has resulted in problematic outcomes. Several young people who transitioned as minors now say they regret the procedure and are opting to de-transition.

There have recently been several incidents involving biologically male transgender individuals in women’s spaces, including in sports, shelters and prisons. Furthermore, a poll conducted by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute found that 62% of Canadians believe it is unfair for biological males to compete in women’s sports. 

The passing of these policies highlights a growing frustration with gender ideology – which has become rampant in Canada over the last few years.

In addition to these resolutions – delegates adopted two motions tackling “diversity equity and inclusion” ideology, as well as to strengthen the party’s position on free speech. 

While the resolutions amend the party’s official policy document, they do not bind leader Pierre Poilievre to include them in the Conservatives’ election platform or propose any specific legislation if the Conservatives form government. Nonetheless, official party policy has always been regarded as a useful tool to gauge where the party’s grassroots members are on key issues.

True North’s Andrew Lawton and Elie Cantin-Nantel are on the ground at the Conservative Party of Canada convention to bring you independent coverage.