Notorious left-wing Ottawa school board trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth is facing a code of conduct complaint from a fellow trustee, who is accusing her of racism.

A source familiar with the matter told True North the complaint will be discussed at a special board meeting scheduled for Monday evening. The meeting’s agenda shows time allocated for “determination of possible breach” and “possible application of breach sanctions.”

Kaplan-Myrth, an Ottawa physician, confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) Monday afternoon that she was facing the complaint. In a nine-part thread, she said she was being unfairly targeted for her progressive beliefs.

She claimed the OCDSB has “a toxic pattern of conservative trustees abusing its ‘code of conduct’ process to try to silence progressives.”

Kaplan-Myrth also said accusing her of racism “is a violation of my constitutional right to speak the truth and to advocate for my constituents.” She also accused the school board of violating its commitment to social responsibility and causing her harm.

“Going after me is entirely politically motivated. So what’s next? I’ll continue to work as an OCDSB trustee. And I won’t abide toxicity inside or outside of the school board. I was elected in Ottawa because I speak, I advocate. Onward.”

According to the OCDSB, being found guilty of violating the code of conduct may result in the imposition of sanctions. 

Sanctions could include censure, barring trustees from meetings, and removal from committees.

The special board meeting to address the allegations against Kaplan-Myrth will take place Monday at 7:30pm.

Kaplan-Myrth has been embroiled in several controversies since she was elected last year.

She previously tried to mandate medical masks on public school students, teachers and staff – a proposal that was rejected amid loud opposition. Kaplan-Myrth, who wears N-95 masks outside, famously claimed on a TVO panel that the phrase “return to normal” is “far-right.”

In her X thread, Kaplan-Myrth claimed that “the link between white supremacy and anti vax mask rhetoric is well established.”

“It is also confirmed that many of the people who shut down our OCDSB board meeting in Nov 2022 weren’t our constituents. They were convoy-adjacent, organized groups of antivaxx/anti-maskers.”

Kaplan-Myrth has also militantly pushed for gender ideology, while shutting down those who disagree with her. 

In March, she silenced a father worried about biological males in girls’ washrooms at a school board meeting. She also successfully lobbied to shut down community petitions demanding her resignation.