WestJet union must apologize

Pierre Poilievre thinks the union representing WestJet flight staff should apologize for attempting to suppress freedom of speech after it demanded an apology from him for speaking into a PA system on a plane.

Cupe 4070, the local representing WestJet cabin crew members, was upset by informal remarks Poilievre made over the airplane PA system on a flight from Quebec City to Calgary following the Conservative convention.

WestJet added the flight to specifically accommodate travellers from the Convention, so Poilievre was speaking to a friendly crowd.

“This is your captain’s warning, a little bit of turbulence but it will only last about two years,” he said.

The union demanded an apology from both WestJet and Poilievre, though Poilievre didn’t capitulate.

“I think that the union should apologize for trying to silence freedom of speech,” Poilievre said Thursday to reporters.

“The crew invited me to give a speech, they did that multiple times,” continued Poilievre. “I think it was because people who work on airplanes, people who work in restaurants, people who work building things, love my message. Bringing home powerful paycheques that buy affordable food, gas and homes in safe neighbourhoods.”

“I have to say, people on the plane were just delighted with my common sense remarks to ax the carbon tax, bring affordable homes and restore the common sense Canada that we know and love,” he said.