Artur Pawlowski, a firebrand Calgary pastor who came to notoriety during the Covid-19 pandemic for violating lockdown measures has been sentenced to time served for his involvement in last year’s Coutts, Alta. protest.

Pawlowski had been convicted of mischief and breaching a release order. An Alberta judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail, though as he’d already served 60 days behind bars, he was able to walk out of the courtroom without any additional incarceration.

The Crown sought a sentence of eight to 10 months, with the defense arguing time served would be adequate.

Pawlowski delivered an fiery sermon to the protesters who blocked the Canada-U.S. border near Coutts for just over two weeks. The judge found Pawlowski was unrepentant.

Approximately two hundred supporters of Pawlowski gathered outside the courthouse in Lethbridge, according to the Edmonton Journal, cheering as they learned he wouldn’t be going back to jail.