Nationwide marches against gender ideology

Protests against gender ideology in publicly funded schools will be taking place in communities across Canada Wednesday, as more parents grow frustrated with controversial sex-ed teachings.

The marches are being organized in part by Muslim parents, who have been increasingly disillusioned with school teachings on gender and sexuality.

The protests will take place across Canada at 9am local time, with organizers urging participants to pull their kids out of school for the day.

Organizers hope the wave of protests and absences will “unite people for a noble cause, to safeguard children from gender ideology teachings, sexual indoctrination, exposure to explicit sexual content, (and) ensuring that parental consent remains paramount.”

“We will protect our children from thought control and will ensure their religious freedoms are protected,” the Hands Off Our Kids website says. “We firmly believe that the government should respect the rights of parents, and schools should focus on subjects that prepare children for their future.”

Protests will be held in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, at Queen’s Park in Toronto, in front of the Quebec Premier’s Montreal office, at the Harry Hays government building in Calgary, in front of the Alberta Teachers Association building in Edmonton and in front of City Hall in Vancouver, among other cities.

A list of the locations and times for the over 25 planned protests can be found here.

Several organizations have played a part in organizing the protests, including

Hands Off Our Kids, run by Muslim activists Bahira Abdulsalam and Kamel El-Cheikh.

Hands Off Our Kids has partnered with other groups, including Windsor Parents United, Mumma Bears, Parents for Parents Rights, Veterans for Freedom, Durham Parents United, the Campaign Life Coalition and Don’t Delete Parents.

Union Backlash 

In response to the planned marches, Ontario union activists held an emergency Zoom meeting to plan a counter strategy. A recording of the meeting was leaked on social media. 

Among other things, union leaders claimed that the protest is far right, fascist, and “fundamentally” racist, queerphobic and transphobic. They also claimed the protesters were anti-Indigenous and anti-2SLGBTQIA+.

Unions, along with trans activists and other left wing groups, plan to hold counter protests.

Rally by Billboard Chris and Josh Alexander 

In addition to Wednesday’s nationwide “Million Person” marches, prominent parental rights advocate Chris Elston (commonly known as Billboard Chris) and Catholic student activist Josh Alexander will be holding an anti-gender ideology rally in Toronto on Friday.

The “Education Over Indoctrination” rally, which will be similar to the one the pair held in Ottawa last June, will take place at the intersections of Wallingford Road and Cassandra Boulevard on Sept. 22 at 11am.  

True North will be on the ground at the Million Person March in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver to bring you objective independent coverage.