German Member of European Parliament (MEP) Christine Anderson has called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other MPs who hailed a former SS soldier as a hero in the House of Commons to live up to their own standards and resign.

In a clip posted to social media, Anderson referenced the political outrage after she met with several Conservative MPs while on a trip to Canada earlier this year.

“I was in Canada and three members of Parliament were crucified for having had lunch with me – a person who Justin Trudeau stigmatized and labeled as being a Nazi,” explained Anderson.

“And here we are and they are all standing up and applauding and praising an actual Nazi. Well, Mr. Justin Trudeau, I hope you hold yourself to the very standard that you so generously apply to everyone else. I seriously think you have to step down and resign.”

In February, Anderson had a casual lunch with Conservative MPs Colin Carrie, Dean Allison and Leslyn Lewis during her Canadian speaking tour.

The move caused turmoil for the Conservatives as the legacy media and opposing parties insinuated that MEP Anderson was racist and an extremist. 

Conservative leader Pierre Poilivre issued a statement condemning Anderson for allegedly holding “vile and racist views. 

“Christine Anderson’s views are vile and have no place in our politics. The MPs were not aware of this visiting Member of the European Parliament’s opinions, and they regret meeting with her,” claimed Poilievre. 

“Frankly, it would be better if Anderson never visited Canada in the first place. She and her racist, hateful views are not welcome here.”

Anderson has denied the accusations leveled against her. 

She has been serving as an MEP since 2019 as a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. AfD has received criticism for its anti-migration policies and opposition to radical Islam.