Thanks to the Liberal government’s Bill C-11, the CRTC is expanding its regulatory reach to online content – including podcasts. On Friday, the CRTC launched the first stage of this by requiring streaming services – including websites that host podcasts and other media content – to register and “provide information about their activities in Canada.” True North’s Andrew Lawton says this is the beginning of the end of the open internet in Canada. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Kris Sims joins to discuss.

Also, in every country that has legalized doctor-assisted suicide, the numbers of casualties of it balloons as safeguards are lifted. Canada is proving to be an extreme example of this according to a new feature in the National Review by journalist Alexander Raikin. He joins Andrew to talk about how death care has replaced health care.



  • Andrew Lawton

    Andrew Lawton is the managing editor of True North and host of The Andrew Lawton Show. He is the author of two bestselling books, including his most recent work, "Pierre Poilievre: A Political Life."