In 2021, Canadians were shocked to learn of the apparent remains of children found buried at a former residential school in B.C – or at least that’s what Canadians were told by the legacy media. In response to the news, Canada was accused of committing genocide, churches were burned down, and the country was put in a permanent state of mourning.

However, what isn’t widely talked about is the fact that no human remains have been found at any of the sites where apparent remains were said to be. Is this the biggest fake news story in Canadian history? Has the legacy media performed a huge disservice to Canadians and Indigenous peoples?

On this episode of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa is joined by Karen Restoule to discuss the ‘unmarked graves’ narrative and how it has impacted Canada. Karen is the vice-president of Crestview Strategy and is Ojibwe from the Dokis First Nation.

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