A taxpayer advocacy group is sounding the alarm about the cost of the federal carbon tax for Canadian families. 

In a press release, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) warned that the tax is hitting families harder than government rebates can compensate for.

CTF federal director Franco Terrazzano criticized the government, saying that its claims of rebates offsetting the cost of the tax don’t add up.

“The Parliamentary Budget Officer is clear: the carbon tax costs families hundreds of dollars more than the rebates they get back,” said Terrazzano.

A Parliamentary Budget Officer’s findings showed that the carbon tax will cost the average household up to $710 this year, even after they get their rebates.

The Trudeau government has claimed their carbon tax plan will make families better off. 

According to the CTF, it’s not credible to think that raising taxes and taking some for administration costs can actually help families.

“It simply isn’t credible to believe the feds can raise taxes, skim some off the top for administration costs and somehow make families better off,” said Terrazanno. 

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should scrap his carbon tax to save families hundreds of dollars every year.”

Newfoundland Liberal MP Ken McDonald recently opposed his government’s plan to further hike the carbon tax. 

McDonald recently voted with the federal Conservatives to get rid of the carbon tax. He’s the only Liberal, NDP, or Bloc Québécois member to do so.

“Everywhere I go, people come up to me and say, you know, ‘We’re losing faith in the Liberal party’,” said McDonald. 

“I think they will lose seats not just in Newfoundland, not just in Atlantic Canada, but indeed right across the country if they don’t get a grasp on this the way that I think they should.… And if an election were called today, I’m not sure if the Liberal party would actually form the government.”