German member of the European parliament Christine Anderson (left) with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav (Credit: Yan Parisien)

Outspoken medical activist Vera Sharav says everything we were told about the Covid pandemic – the shots and the disease itself – was a “total lie.”

The Holocaust survivor, now 86, called the two-year-long pandemic, marked by endless lockdowns, social distancing and masking rules, a “murderous operation.”

“No aspect of it was really for people’s well-being,” said the petite auburn-haired New York-based activist during a recent visit to Toronto.

Sharav, originally from Romania, said she was an early critic of Covid lockdowns and rules.

She recently starred in a five-part docuseries, Never Again is Now Global, comparing the Holocaust and Nazism to what occurred to the global population during the Covid pandemic.

She refused to say whether she got any vaccines, indicating her medical records are private. But she never got anything.

Sharav, the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection said no one could ever insist the vaccines were “safe and effective” because they weren’t properly tested.

The medical industry had to finally admit the vaccines didn’t keep Covid away, she said.

Sharav claimed hospitals in the U.S. inflated Covid deaths and cases because they got hundreds of thousands of dollars for pandemic care.

“It was all a lie,” she said.

In April 2020 she was banned for three weeks from visiting her husband in an assisted living facility.

She was finally allowed in two days before he passed away.

“But then I had to fight with the doctor not to put Covid on his death certificate,” Sharav said. “I was determined to fight him.”

Over bagels and eggs at a well-known deli, Sharav said the government has also been “concealing from the people” the level of harm the shots are doing.

“That’s betrayal, that’s treason,” she said. “They’re trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes and to a great degree they have.”

She feels the lockdowns were all about getting rid of the small mom and pop shops and to transfer wealth to the big box stores and to Amazon.

The endless lockdowns and the resulting isolation were also to keep people from communicating with each other in person or looking at people ”eye to eye.”

Another agenda was to “create hostility among people and distrust of  human beings,” she said.

“They (the corporate globalists) were very successful across the world… all governments participated in lockstep.”

People were in fear of an “invisible enemy.”

Sharav feels that fear and a sense that they’re on the right side – responsible citizens of the community – has brought out “the worst in some people.

“It brings out the very dangerous part of people because they think they’re correct and they’re kind of being encouraged to bully others,” she said.

 She has found that the most obedient and complicit with the Covid directives – most especially masking – are the “highly educated” and in particular those in academia.

That is indeed true in Canada but to that I would add woke activists, who continue to this day to wear large masks outside at protests.

Sharav believes the truth about Covid has been coming out in” bits and pieces” for a year now but the legacy media “pretends it doesn’t exist.”

Asked about her outspoken position on the pandemic and her feeling the vaccines are “weapons,” she said some of her online interviews get removed.

But she says she’s in a “unique position.”

“It’s very hard to argue with a Holocaust survivor,” Sharav said.

“I use the opportunity to force people to open their eyes.”


  • Sue-Ann Levy

    A two-time investigative reporting award winner and nine-time winner of the Toronto Sun’s Readers Choice award for news writer, Sue-Ann Levy made her name for advocating the poor, the homeless, the elderly in long-term care and others without a voice and for fighting against the striking rise in anti-Semitism and the BDS movement across Canada.